Back to School for the Career-Change-Minded Person: Three Avenues to Pursue

Some people want to head back to school to further their own intellectual development. They might be looking to learn more about their hobbies, like poetry and philosophy. However, if you're someone who is more interested in learning a skill that will allow you to get a lucrative job in a field that you are currently not skilled in, then you need to focus on adult and continuing education classes that are geared towards people who are career-orientated. There are lots of different paths you can take, so this will be a simple list of three of the most popular ones that you should consider. All three of the options listed here are designed for people who are geared towards getting a lucrative job upon completion of the degree.

1. Welding Programs

Welding is a highly sought-after skill. All municipalities need welders on staff in order to maintain public infrastructure, and, therefore, you will have access to highly prized governmental jobs. Not only that, but many private companies require welders to come in and fix things. Welding is almost always a cheaper alternative to replacing the broken part, so a welder is seen by the customer as a cost-saver. It's a great idea to sign up for an adult education course where you will learn all of the different welding styles and where you will learn what sort of tools you will need and how to operate everything safely.

2. Computer Programming Courses

With the wold advancing so quickly, you will need to learn how to use computers to keep up. And one of the best skills to have in the job market is the skill to program computers. This is one of the most highly sought-after skills. There are a lot of adult education courses that will show you how to program all different sorts of computer languages. You can learn the languages that are popular with programming web-based interfaces (such as Perl, Java, and Javascript) or even learn more esoteric programming languages, such as C and Python.

3. Social Work

Surprisingly, social work is one of the more lucrative subjects you can study in adult education courses, For people with degrees and certification in social work, there are plenty of jobs available as case mangers. You can work with MICA populations, children, or the elderly. So, if you were someone who always liked studying and learning about people, then this is a great path towards a job upon graduating. You can get a certification and then get an entry-level job as a caseworker and work your way up in a social service organization.

If you're looking to expand your career horizons with adult education courses, you can't go wrong with welding programs, computer programming courses, or social work certifications. Check out a local adult education center in your area today to learn more.